Podcast Operating System

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Podcast Operating System

A comprehensive Notion dashboard that helps podcasters pitch, produce, publish, promote & monetize their podcasts.

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Why did we create this?

Podcasting is hot right now. And while there are plenty of guides on the fanciest mic or the best software, we kept getting questions about how to actually run a show as an independent. How do I juggle new ideas, the episode I recorded yesterday, and the episode that’s supposed to go out tomorrow? It’s hard!

We (Josh & Janel - more about us below) have collaborated on a system that will help you run your show from all angles. Our goal is to help beginners run their show in a calm and collected fashion, so the focus is on your creativity and expression.

You'll benefit from this if:

• You're an independent podcaster

• You're planning to start a podcast & want to know how to get it launched

• You already have a podcast and want to improve its quality, and get more organized

• You want to grow your podcast audience

• You want to monetize your podcast

What's inside: 

• Useful apps & tools to start and grow your podcast

• Guidance on how to start: hardware & software recommendations for different budgets

• Tips on how to identify and recruit podcast guests

• Guide to pre-interview preparation

• Advice on podcast editing, transcription and show notes

• Pointers on how to atomize your podcast content

• Growth and distribution tips

• Monetization tips

• Email templates for sponsorships and affiliate partnerships

• Podcast pitch deck template


• The Podcast Operating System does not magically help you to start and grow your podcast overnight. You need to put in effort.

• It does not show you how to build a landing page for your podcast but points you to simple tools that you can use to do so.

• This OS does not cover YouTube editing tips, or automating processes for your podcast.

• This is not an enterprise-level operating system for podcasts. If there is enough demand, we'll build another version for companies. Register your interest here


Who are you, Josh and Janel? Why are you qualified to create this?

Josh is an independent consultant that recently left Morning Brew after launching newsletters and the company’s first podcast, Business Casual. The interview based business podcast reached over 7 million listens in the first 120 episodes. He oversaw the production, growth, and monetization of the show and is excited to be a part of the quickly changing industry.

Janel is the creator behind the popular Newsletter Operating System that has been featured on the Indie Hackers Podcast, Means of Creation, Product Hunt, Trends.vcBuild In Public and more. 

We're committed to bringing you a quality product, that people will rave about just like Newsletter OS.

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yup. Notion has a generous free personal plan. After you've made the purchase, we'll immediately send you a link, which you can duplicate to your Notion workspace. You don't need to pay for Notion to use Podcast OS.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes! If you feel like you haven't gotten any value out of Podcast Operating System, write to us within the first 30 days and we'll process a refund. We're passionate about this product and confident in its value, but we really just want all of our customers to be happy. The only thing we ask for is to let us know how we can improve.

Can I duplicate Podcast OS and share it with my team / friends?

This is a personal license for individual use. Sharing a copy with your friends hurts the work that we do! If you intend to use it in a team, do reach out to us via email and we'll put together a bundle offer.

Any other questions?

You can DM us on Twitter. Josh can be reached at @JKaplan1 and Janel can be reached at @JanelSGM. Alternatively, email us at hello@podcastos.co (yes, it's a .co, not .com!)

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Podcast Operating System

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